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I enjoyed speaking at a Reader's Tea.  Cheers
I enjoyed speaking at a Reader's Tea. Cheers
the beautiful Llangollen Canal in Wales
the beautiful Llangollen Canal in Wales
Tibbyhill Lane Tea Shop mystery series: a fine cuppa
Tibbyhill Lane Tea Shop mystery series: a fine cuppa
Inspiring Rievaulx Abbey ruins in North Yorkshire
Inspiring Rievaulx Abbey ruins in North Yorkshire
Newest Release: Who Lit the Whistling Kettle?
Newest Release: Who Lit the Whistling Kettle?

 Hello, I'm Marilyn Leach, author of inspirational mysteries.

Do you enjoy English cozy's?  There are smashing stories right here at your fingertips.  My fun, brain-tickling whodunits are a terrific companion to a hot cup of tea and comfortable overstuffed chair on a sunny spring day. See what's on offer below and enjoy your read.  Cheers

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Ebook now Available:


is a Lenten/Easter whodunit that takes place in a small English village. A shallow grave is discovered and the whole village digs in to solve the mystery.

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Who Lit the Whistling Kettle?

Marilyn's newest book release is here!


When Poppy Ellis moves from London to buy and operate a small village teashop in rural England, little does she know that intrigue will add spice to her new life there. A long boat, The Whistling Kettle, goes up in flames on the canal right behind her shop, and Poppy has to solve the crime before her new tearoom career goes up in smoke as well.

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"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust


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 Have you ever wondered how an author cooks up Delicious Red Herrings, those characters that appear to be "the rat who did it" and keeps you guessing for pages? Click the link below to see how I create them for my mysteries. 

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Red Ascension balloons are not the only things disappearing from sight! A well-off widow starts the Ascension Day procession in a small English village, but has vanished by the end of the parade. And that's just the start to the whole mystery. Has she gone "Into the Clouds?"

Learn more about it here.



This church graveyard inspired the scene for Up From the Grave. Upturned soil in a shallow dig brings up all kinds of questiions and plenty of trouble.


A Spring Read that will tickle your brain and add laughs along the way.

Up From the Grave

How about a Christmas whodoneit that tickles your brain and brightens the holiday spirit? 


could be just your cup of holiday tea.

Marilyn Leach Tea and Books

Kathi Tafoya 29.10.2021 02:08

Hi Marilyn- I just finished Who Lit the Whistling Kettle and loved it! The characters already seem like my friends. Looking forward to the next book.

marilyn leach 06.11.2021 18:29

Kathi, so excited that you enjoyed the read! On Ch 9 of the second story and I keep plugging away. Thanks for visiting my website.

Paul Trow 23.11.2017 16:32

Are you the lovely Marilyn Leach I used to work with at the Hendon Times? If so, please call me on 07973862747, best wishes, Paul Trow

marilyn leach 26.11.2017 06:03

Sorry, Paul. I'm not that Marilyn, but she sounds lovely. Cheers

Debra 06.06.2017 15:24

Just finished Enigma of Fire, I Loved it and am so anxious for the next book, and when will that be? The Berdie Elliot Mysteries are so much fun!

marilyn 07.06.2017 20:35

You are so welcome, Debra. And happy reading. Cheers

Debra Replogle 07.06.2017 16:29

Oh that is great I will be watching for it Thank You

marilyn 06.06.2017 18:40

Debra, I just submitted "Message from the Deceased," a Berdie Elliott Saint's Day mystery to my publisher about 3 weeks ago. Hope it's in print by next year.

Dena Netherton 22.08.2016 01:27

Marilyn, just love your photos. Au, how I'd love to visit merry old England some day!

marilyn leach 22.08.2016 21:51

November's a good time to travel there. I think you'd love it, Dena. Cheers

Brad 07.02.2015 02:37

So med, is this where the book party is?


marilyn leach 13.02.2015 20:45

Hey, Brad, sorry, but no. The book party was on Facebook. Oh well, there will be other opportunities, yeah?

Molly Eldridge 29.01.2015 02:43

Looks very inviting. I'm drinking macha green tea as I look at this.

marilyn leach 03.02.2015 21:39


Donna Wichelman 12.05.2014 23:39

Lovely picture, Marilyn and very cozy. It reflects on the kinds of books you write. It also makes me long to be back in England. :) Bless you!

Dena Netherton 19.03.2014 21:25

I love especially love the fireplace!

marilyn 20.03.2014 20:54

Isn't it cool? This picture is of the pub in Turville, a small village in Buckinghamshire, England. The pub was as cozy as it looks

Amanda Cabot 21.02.2013 23:15

You drew me in with the picture of the pub (a wonderful reminder of several business trips to England) and the invitation to tea.

Karin Kaufman 18.02.2013 19:09

I love the pub! Just looking at that cozy photo makes me want to brew another cup of my "Christmas" tea.

Margo 17.02.2013 05:44

I can't wait to read more!

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Kathi, so excited that you enjoyed the read! On Ch 9 of the second story...

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Hi Marilyn- I just finished Who Lit the Whistling Kettle and loved it! Th...

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Well, I want to say that after seeing your shares picture and views about...

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So glad you enjoy London. Cheers